Collage - A Sense of Place


For Carol Jones Brown, it is intriguing to pen intricate drawings on
watercolor paper, paint them with acrylic, then rip them up and combine them with other materials in vivid mixed media collages on canvas.
Recently she has also developed a passion for creating original art on her computer and either framing it or mixing it into other work. Most of her pieces are either abstract or contain a hint of reality.

Her background includes a degree from the University of Oregon and
years of classes and private study with local and nationally known artists.
She has taught art for 30 years, first with the local recreation district and
now with the Hayward Adult School.

She exhibits widely in California and is active in a number of Bay Area art groups. Her work has been collected by patrons in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. She is a Signature Member of the Marin Society of Artists.

Carol's web site is