How can I display my paintings at
Valley Art Gallery?

Acceptance as an exhibiting artist with Valley Art Gallery is a juried process. New collections are assembled semi annually, usually in March and September. Prospective local artists may enter two or three paintings for review by a jurying team. Paintings are judged for artistic quality and salability in our market area. All pieces are available for both rental and sale.

Diversity of media

We welcome a diversity of painting media and styles, including water color, acrylic, mixed media, oil, pastel, collage, abstract, representational, experimental, monoprints, and etchings.

How do I apply?

Interested artists should complete the application and biography form found at the bottom of this page so that they can be invited by mail to the next new collection receiving. The invitation letter is mailed to prospective artists with delivery date and hours, usually a Saturday between 11 am and 3 pm. A nonrefundable entry fee of $10 for one to three paintings is collected when paintings are submitted. If your work is accepted, you will need to become a member of Valley Art Gallery at $48 per year. If an accepted new artist’s work does not rent or sell during the following six month period, they will again be asked to participate in the new artist jurying process. Only original work is accepted.

Ongoing relationship

Once your paintings have rented or sold, the semi annual receiving process is slightly different. Pieces are still juried in, but individual appointments are made. No entry fee is required for members of Valley Art Gallery. Individual pieces which have not sold or rented for six months may be returned to the artist. With prior approval, artists may recall their unsold, unrented paintings. With timely notice and approval, paintings out on rental may be recalled as of the end of the next three month rental period, unless the customer decides to purchase.

The commission story...

Although VAG is a non profit organization, staffed and run by volunteers, we do charge a commission in order to pay the rent and keep the lights on. When paintings are sold, 65% of the sales price is returned to the artist, less any rental fees already paid to them. 70% of rental fees received from customers are paid to artists. So that you may file your income taxes, we provide an IRS form 1099 if your VAG annual income is over $600.

How Rentals work...

Rentals are key to the success of Valley Art Gallery. Customers unsure if paintings will work well in their homes or businesses can rent them for as many three month periods as desired. Frequently they will purchase the paintings, receiving a credit toward the purchase price in the amount of up to one year of the artist’s portion of rental fees. Rental fees are based upon the sales price.

Framing Criteria

Offered work on paper must be carefully framed in wood or metal. Matting must be clean and neatly cut. Frames should be simple, not ornate. Paintings on stretched canvas may be framed or not, as long as the sides are finished or clean. Acrylic, not glass must be used for paintings larger than 10” x 14” and is encouraged in all sizes. Yes, it scratches, but it does not break. Paintings should have wire for hanging and the cut wire ends should be taped. Write your name and the painting’s title legibly on the back.

Protect your work!

Clearly label your work on the back with your full name and the title of the piece. Do not use “untitled” or use the same title for more than one piece. Ensure that the title matches the one you will use on the artist’s receipt.

If you are uncertain how to price your work for our market, take a look at other pieces in the gallery. Or ask a co-director for help.

If there are any questions, please call Paula Boas at (925) 935-4311


Biographical Form

Please fill out our online biographical form, or print a form to submit to the gallery.

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